The Incus Data Course Venue

"Very impressed ... Ideal venue to come to learn - quiet and particularly peaceful and beautiful surrounds. ..."

D. Rogers, Mercantile Bank, SQL Fundamentals Course

Better Surroundings = Better Learning

The environment around us can affect our ability to concentrate and absorb new information. Think about the frustration you experience trying to work when there is a lot of noise in the corridor, or when you have too little space and feel cramped.

At Incus Data we are very proud of our training venue. We have spent a lot of time and money creating an environment that is peaceful, relaxing and conducive to learning.

Training Facilities

We have three fully-equipped classrooms. The classrooms accommodate between 9 and 12 workstations, and each workstation is equipped with a state of the art computer and flat screen monitor. The classrooms are networked, and internet access is available.

Access for Those with Disabilities

A lovely lady with quadraplegia did us the favour of testing our venue and cloakroom to ensure that the facilities are accessible by delegates with physical disabilities.