Training Packages

Save Money and Time

Training packages are ideal for companies needing to train a number of people on a number of different courses. Even if you cannot send all the delegates on course at the same time, you can still get a discount by buying a training package.

In addition to saving money, the training packages also make the procurement process easier. Once the package has been purchased, the training units can be used for any course without needing additional purchase orders.

How The Packages Work

The training packages work as follows:

  • Each course requires a number of training units. For example, the Java Programming course requires 20 units. To send 2 delegates on the Java Programming course, you would require 40 units.
  • The package consists of a number of training units. The more units you buy, the lower the cost per unit.
  • If you require more training units than are included in the package, the extra units can be purchased at the same price per unit as for that package.
  • The training units must be used within 12 months from the date of purchase. Any training units not used in that time will not be forfeited, but will be subject to a premium. This is an additional charge of 5% of the unit price per unused unit if used within the next 3 months after the utilisation period, increasing thereafter to 10% per unit.
  • The training units can be used for any of the standard scheduled courses. They do not apply to customised or in-house courses.

Training Package Options

There are 5 different training packages available to suit your needs and your budget:

Package Number of Units Price Per Unit Price of Package Average Saving*
Blue 100 R 560.00 R 56,000.00 6.8%
Bronze 200 R 530.00 R 106,000.00 11.8%
Silver 300 R 500.00 R 150,000.00 16.8%
Gold 400 R 470.00 R 188,000.00 21.8%
Platinum 500 R 440.00 R 220,000.00 26.8%

*This average is calculated from the saving per course for each category. Actual saving will depend on the courses for which the units are used.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements. We can provide you with a quotation that will show you your potential savings with either a group price or a training package customised for your needs.

Units per Course

Different courses need a different number of training units, depending on the normal price of the course.

Course Category Number of Units Course Name
5-day Java and OO courses 20 units per delegate Java Programming
Advanced Java Programming
Jee Development
Enterprise JavaBeans Development
Java Web Services
Spring MVC Development
Android Development
Java Servlets and JSP Programming
Object-Oriented Analysis and Design using UML
5-day C and C++ courses 20 units per delegate Standard C Programming
Advanced C Programming
Standard C++ Programming
Advanced C++ Programming
5-day .NET courses 16 units per delegate C# Programming
Advanced C# Programming
ASP.NET MVC Development
5-day Web Development courses 16 units per delegate HTML5 and CSS
JavaScript Programming
PHP Development
Other 5-day courses 16 units per delegate Perl Programming
Python Programming
Linux Fundamentals
Introduction to Computer Programming
3-day OO and Project Management courses 16 units per delegate Object-Oriented Analysis using UML
Project Management for IT
Other 3-day courses 12 units per delegate SQL Fundamentals
Linux Shell Scripting
XML Development
2-day workshops 7 units per delegate Java 8 Functional Programming
Angular Workshop
1-day seminars 4 units per delegate JEE Management Overview
JEE Frameworks Overview
Web Services Management Overview
Mobile App Technology Overview

Training Packages for Foreign Delegates

For the convenience of our foreign delegates, we can provide training packages priced in US dollars. These packages include transport to and from the airport, accommodation with breakfast, and transport to and from the training venue.

Please email us details of your requirements and we will put together a package to suit you.