Lockdown Learning

We understand the challenges you face during lockdown, because we face them too.

That's why we’ve introduced our lockdown learning : a range of short virtual training sessions. Stay home and safe while you learn. Pajamas welcome!

These are all presented by our fabulous Incus Data lecturers. So, like any instructor-led session, you can ask questions and get answers.

Picture of brain courtesy of Pixabay

Challenge your mind

You’re tired of being at home. You’re stressed by working remotely.

You need a new mental challenge.

Picture of hopeful figure courtesy of Pixabay

Focus on a brighter future

You’re worried about the future. You need to be reminded of a brighter tomorrow.

A new skill means new plans and opportunities.

Picture of money bag courtesy of Pixabay

Keep it short and affordable

You don’t have the budget or the data or the energy for 5 days of virtual training.

But you do need training.

How does it work?

You can book online, or you can email us your details. We'll send you an invoice with banking details.

As soon as payment is received, your space is confirmed.

You will receive details on how to join the day before the seminar. All you need is a smartphone, tablet or computer with speakers/headphones.

What seminars are available?

We have a fabulous range of lockdown learning sessions, and we'll be adding more. So there will be something to suit your needs, your schedule and your pocket. And if you would like a seminar on a specific topic, just let us know.

Seminar Duration Price incl VAT Who should attend
All developers
Fundamentals of REST Web Services 3 hours R799 All developers
Practical Introduction to Design Patterns 6 hours R1,599 All developers using an OO language
Java developers
Introduction to the Spring Framework 3 hours R799 Java developers
Overview of JEE Architecture 3 hours R799 Java developers
Basic Concepts of Java Threads 2 hours R549 Java developers
Java Lambdas and Functional Programming 6 hours R1,599 Java developers
JavaScript developers
Asynchronous Programming in JavaScript 2 hours R549 Web application developers
ES2015 Classes in JavaScript 1 hour R349 Web application developers