Java Lambdas and Functional Programming

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Get to grips with the core concepts of functional programming in Java.

Join us for this 6-hour virtual web seminar.

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Presenter:  Lewis Coosner

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Why Functional Programming?

  • Functional programming is shorter and more concise.
  • Functional programming is easier to test than standard Java code.
  • Make your Java code even better by adding functional programming to your skill set.

Who should attend?

What will you learn?

Concepts of Functional Programming

  • Anonymous inner classes
  • Functions as first-class citizens
  • Higher-level functions

Lambda Expressions

  • Use cases for lambdas
  • Lambda syntax
  • Closures and final local variables
  • Functional interfaces

Streams and Collections

  • Understanding streams
  • Using lambdas in streams
  • Common stream operations

How does it work?

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