SQL Fundamentals  Course

SQL is the language you use to interact with a database management system. This course will teach you how to create tables, insert data and update data using SQL. The main focus is on learning how to find the data that you need by creating queries.

Please note that the course is not specific to any particular database system.

"The course was well constructed and helpful. Being able to attend virtually made it a lot easier to work through the examples and focus without stressing about logistics of travel / commute / time etc. It also allowed me to use my personal setup at home which improved my productivity."

S. Sanders, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles - Virtual course)

"Great Course, Fantastic Lecturer."

I. Halkerd, DBSA   (Lecturer: Charles - Virtual course)

"The combination of a knowledgable and energetic facilitator coupled with course material that was perfectly balanced between theory + practical made it the perfect course to attend, thus achieving my objectives."

M. Patez, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

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Audience: Is This The Right Course For Me?

You should attend the SQL Fundamentals course if:

  • You often have to extract data from a system that matches some conditions.
  • You need to use SQL to interact with a database from inside another application.
  • You need to test data in a database.
  • You want a faster and better way to query data than having thousands of rows in a spreadsheet.

Prerequisites: Am I Ready For The Course?

It will help if you have some understanding of relational databases, or have worked with data from a database, before you attend the SQL Fundamentals course, but it is not essential.

Please check that you meet the prerequisites for this course before you attend. Read the importance of course prerequisites to understand why this is necessary.

If you are not sure which is the right course for you, please call us. We will be happy to advise you, based on your training goals and your experience.

Objectives: What Will I Learn?

After you have completed the SQL Fundamentals course, you will be able to:

  • Understand how data is structured in a database management system.
  • Understand the role of primary keys and foreign keys.
  • Create simple tables using SQL.
  • Insert, update and delete data from a database using SQL.
  • Use SQL to extract data that matches some criteria.
  • Use SQL to sort and summarise data.
  • Create SQL queries that extract data from multiple tables.

Download the SQL Fundamentals course contents in PDF format

Technical Contents: What Does The Course Cover?

Database Fundamentals
  • Introduction to databases and SQL.
  • Tables, records, and fields.
  • Relationships.
  • Entity integrity: Primary keys.
  • Referential integrity: Foreign keys.
  • The concept of normalisation.
Data Definition Commands
  • Creating the database.
  • Creating table structures.
  • Data types.
  • Creating primary keys.
  • Creating foreign keys.
Data Management Commands
  • Inserting data into tables.
  • Saving table contents.
  • Updating table data.
  • Deleting data from tables.
The SELECT Statement
  • Listing all rows and columns.
  • Restricting columns.
  • Using column aliases.
  • Using the WHERE clause to restrict rows.
  • Using the WHERE clause in UPDATE and DELETE commands.
  • Arithmetic, comparison, assignment and logical operators.
  • Special SQL operators: BETWEEN, IN.
  • The LIKE operator and wildcard characters.
  • The IS NULL operator.
  • Operator precedence.
Sorting, Functions and Groups
  • The DISTINCT keyword.
  • Sorting data: the ORDER BY clause.
  • Expressions in the ORDER BY clause.
  • Aggregate functions: SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN and COUNT.
  • Grouping data in queries.
  • Essential SQL functions for string manipulation.
  • The EXTRACT function for date manipulation.
Queries With Multiple Tables
  • Creating sub-queries.
  • Subqueries that return a single value.
  • Subqueries that return multiple values.
  • Using table aliases.
  • Creating an INNER JOIN.
  • Joins with row conditions.

Testimonials: What Other Delegates Say About This Course

"Thank you. The course was quite insightful - I actually wish that I had attended a lot sooner because the information I've gained couldn've helped me these past 2 years but will help me going forward."

V. Vandiar, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"The course was interesting and very in depth. I came in knowing SQL is all about the SELECT statement however this course has provided me so much knowledge that I cant wait to try out and practice. Lecturer was very knowledgeable and the practical exercises very stimulating and challenging. Just a personal choice I just missed the classroom interaction, but I enjoyed the virtual sessions."

M. Mosebo, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles - Virtual course)

"Charles is an amazing lecturer. For the first time I understand most of the concepts after attending the course twice in SBSA."

R. Leketi, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Virtual training on Zoom worked very well."

A. Khan, Envisage   (Lecturer: Charles - Virtual course)

"Having tried numerous online courses, this is the first time I understood SQL and was able to write queries. 😀 Thank you!"

M. van Aswegen, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Very informative and well presented. "

S. Buurke, DBSA   (Lecturer: Charles - Virtual course)

"Excellent training!"

A. Jansen, Collab2   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Incredible hospitality and quality tutoring."

C. Mokalake, SBSA   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"Great Course, keep it up!"

T. Dlamini, SBSA   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"Interesting and insightful, was able to relate. Will definitely recommend."

R. Govender, SBSA   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I entered with no knowledge of SQL but I am leaving an educated person with SQL."

K. Moonsammy, SBSA   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Enjoyed it immensely! Definitely coming back!"

T. Moeca, SBSA   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Interesting course and very challenging in a positive manner especially when one has never been exposed to SQL."

C. Wing, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"Thank you very much for the very insighful course and teaching so passionately. I will definitely practise more and apply at work (smiley face)."

T. Motsepe, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"Charles is very good & explains concepts well. I learned a lot."

L. van Moerkerken, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Very informative and practical course."

A. Mijatovic, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Great course! Excellent lecturer!"

N. Spies, Momentum   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Will definitely recommend Incus Data to my peers. The course outline is very straight forward and user friendly."

G. Marodi, SBSA   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Charles was amazing. He explained concepts very well."

S. Sunderpersadh, FNB   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Happy. Now able to write queries. Thanks for the structure of the course."

S. Thanganaj, SBSA   (Lecturer: Charles)

"This was very interesting to learn and I will definitely take my learning to exercise once I get back to work."

T. Vinger, SBSA   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Course presented professionally."

J. van der Linde, Armscor   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Charles was very knowledgable & kept the sessions interesting."

N. Mzaza, MMI   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Fully met expectations and highly beneficial."

K. McBain-Charles, SBSA   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Awesome course, great environment and a really cool lecturer."

C. Bradford, SBSA   (Lecturer: Charles)

"The course was really interesting and worth the cost. I gained so much knowledge and trust that going back to the office I will be able to apply everything I have learnt and continue to practise as “practice makes permanent”."

P. Somgede, University of Pretoria   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Excellent training institution for training. Knowledgeable instructors / lectures who are patient and sufficient. Happy with the overall training. Definitely highly recommended. Thank you."

M. Molambo, NECSA   (Lecturer: Charles)

"The course was very insightful & also practical in my day to day job. I really enjoyed it."

K. Chonco, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles)

"All the courses I have taken at this venue have always been outstanding, many educational facilities could learn something from Incus Data."

S. Eramus, Private   (Lecturer: Charles)

"The practical was very nice to supplement the theory."

P. Naidoo, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles)

"* Course very detailed *Very good and extremely knowledgable lecturer. * Refresher course is a great idea."

M. Speight, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Nice venue, friendly staff, feel good environment. Makes learning a pleasure."

M. Lynch, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"Thank you - three days well spent!"

S. Haseen, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"I am definitely coming back for another course. The course training was very informative and actually gave so much knowledge. Thank you."

K. Poto, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Excellent - time well spent"

N. Poonee, Private   (Lecturer: Charles)

"The course was very informative and the lecturer simplified everything."

E. Skoti, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles)

"I learned very much in a short space of time."

O. Nkula, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles)

"The course opened my eyes & mindset to want to further my studies on SQL."

M. Kgamphe, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Good venue, friendly staff, well-informed & approachable facilitator."

F. Isaacs, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Really enjoyed the course. Charles made this technical subject really interesting (and funny). Good balance between theory & practical."

B. Peffer, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Excellent presentation, practical exercises helpful to establish concepts."

M. Kruger, MineRP   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"Great stuff!!!"

J. Grundlingh, MineRP   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"I think by attending this course I will be able to implement a lot of stuff at work that I was not able to do so before attending."

S. Siboto , Landis+Gyr   (Lecturer: Charles)

"I always love attending courses here, it's an excellent place of learning, the venue is peaceful and everyone is passionate about what they do. The lecturer makes learning enjoyable."

Stefan Erasmus, Private   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Well explained and run"

A. Whipp, Private   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Thanks for a great course."

J. Homewood, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Very satisfied, thanks. Great refresher."

M. Lwana, MMI Holdings   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Very informative"

M. Mantsena, MMI Holdings   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Very well structured and engaging"

A. Whipp, Private   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Great course! I learned a lot and now know how to SQL correctly. Thank you"

E. Labuschagne, MMI Holdings   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Very well structured and engaging"

A. Whipp, Private   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Very informative"

M. Mantsena, Momentum   (Lecturer: Charles)

"The facilitator is so knowledgeable that he makes us understand."

T.Mokonyane, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Exceptional and knowledgeable facilitator. Small classes for individual attention."

T. Somo, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Thank you. I found the course very informative and good pace for all to follow."

A. McMean, Just Dynamics   (Lecturer: Charles)

"The best training facility I have visited. Well done!"

J. Coetzee, Ask Afrika   (Lecturer: Charles)

"The course was excellent and will definitely help in certain aspects of my job."

M. Murray, Just Dynamics   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Really enjoyed the course. Well structured and well run."

E. Prinsloo, Just Dynamics   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Very good, informative course, well presented"

T. Masterson, Just Dynamics   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Top Notch!"

L. Dingiswayo, EOH Mhtombo   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Thank you, I have learned much to apply in my work and privately. Your service was very professional and pleasant"

D. Kriel, A.T.N.S   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Thank you to everyone, the best course I've been on ever!"

M. van Loggerenberg, LGR   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Brilliant course with a huge amount of knowledge gained. I will definitely be back for some of the other courses."

D. Smith, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles)

"This course was very helpful and informative for its level. The lecturer was able to answer questions and use examples to explain."

M. Makama, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Loved this course. Charles was fun, kept the class energy up, explained topics in an excellent & simplistic way. Would really recommend this course to others. Food + environment was fantastic"

L. Thomas, ABSA   (Lecturer: Charles)

"It is extremely helpful. The environment is engaging & stimulating. Lots of learning achieved within short space of time - ready to roll."

O. Laka, MMI Holdings   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Wow, thanks Charles. I have not been on a course where my attention was kept for so long."

A. Schadle, MMI   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Excellent experience, would recommend to anyone."

T. Baldwin, MMI   (Lecturer: Charles)

"I really enjoyed being part of this course, I have learnt a lot and improved my knowledge in SQL"

H. Maphanga, Momentum   (Lecturer: Charles)

"The lecturer was very friendly and he keep the course very interesting! Very good!"

D. Denner, Momentum Life   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Well done - very impressive!"

V. Shirilele, Investec   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Very well put together and the instructor knows the subject very well. Achieved my objectives. Thanks very much."

J. Dorfling, MMI Holdings   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Thank you for a great course. Material was well-structured and brilliantly taught. Food was delicious as too were all the other goodies."

C. Drummond, Investec   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Thank you the course has been great. I really learnt much more than expected"

M. Aspeling, Edcon   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Very good course, learned a lot in short space of time."

L. Gqoloda, Investec   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Awesome course, I learned (refreshed) a lot of my SQL skills."

B. Segwatlhe, SITA   (Lecturer: Charles)

"The guy is good and he can see the students weakness and try to assist. I knew nothing but I'm skilled now. The breaks in between were good and food was lovely."

L. JoJwana, Transnet   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Really great food! Entertaining trainer! Thanks Charles!"

P. Roos, Private   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Interactive course. Charles is a fantastic lecturer. Fun!!"

E. Diphoko, Momentum   (Lecturer: Charles)

"The course was very informative, enjoyed it and learned a lot. Everything was awesome."

T. Alexander, Edcon   (Lecturer: Charles)

"The overall presentation was fantastic and enlightening."

K. Maatona, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Stunning venue! Amazing lecturer! Good food!"

T. Booysen, Private   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Amazing training venue, extremely knowledgeable facilitator. Will definitely look forward to coming back for more courses."

J. Achary, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Really learnt a lot! Thank you!"

I. Beets, Denel Aviation   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Loved the course!!"

R. Kippen, Edcon   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Very well presented and interesting"

R. Davies, Denel Aviation   (Lecturer: Charles)

"The course is well-planned and presented. Charles is an excellent trainer. Lovely venue and great food. Will recommend Incus Data for sure!"

S. Bishop, Sage VIP   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Lecturer was very professional and presented the course very well. I enjoyed it."

H. Grobbelaar, Momentum   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"Thank you! I enjoyed the course and learned a lot!"

M. Naude, Momentum   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"The lecture is very professional, knowledgeable and is well prepared of her lessons."

Z. Mantele, SITA   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"Great venue. Great lecturer. I learned a lot and am very thankful."

V. Oosthuizen, Tracker Connect   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"Jacqui is very knowledgeable and she handles the lectures professionally. She makes people feel at ease and allow interactions. Most recommendable. Keep it up Jacqui"

I. Mlauzi, Tracker Connect   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"Venue great. Lecturer approachable, knowledgeable and very good, made the course very enjoyable. Course material presented well in a way easy to follow."

G. Malan, ABI   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"The course was well delivered. It was interactive and stimulating. I learnt a lot."

U. Mohan, Momentum   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"Very well paced and structured. Learnt a lot. Will definitely recommend to others."

P. Radha, Momentum   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"The course was well presented and a great refresher for me. I learnt new things and tricks. Oh, the food was very very very 'lekker'."

Z. Boqwana, Momentum   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"The lecturer gave a proper structure of the course and is capable to explain everything in an understanding manner. She's actually good at what she does."

S. Mathole, Tracker   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"Love the course, know much more than what I knew before I came to Incus Data!!!"

C. Michael, Private   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"Learnt a lot of new concepts on SQL, it was very enlightening to be part of this course."

O. Matiwane, EAI Solutions   (Lecturer: Renier)

"Have enjoyed, was stimulating, was very well presented"

D. Kritzinger, Multichoice   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"One of the best venues and practical experience I have done in a course. Thank you"

T. van der Linden, PMSA   (Lecturer: Renier)

"I thought the course was excellent. Very useful and practical so that it can be applied. Informative, well presented and value adding. Thank you"

D. Moodley, Mr Price   (Lecturer: Lewis)

"Well informative, basically I learnt so much & I wouldn't mind coming back for more lessons. Lessons are well presented. Thank you."

T. Nyatha, EAI Holdings   (Lecturer: Lewis)

"Great Experience."

S. Bothma, Mediswitch   (Lecturer: Renier)

"Am extremely happy with what I've accumulated from this course and the manner in which it was relayed or given to me. Am really happy with the skills that I also gained form this course."

B. Mofokeng, National Health Laboratory Service   (Lecturer: Renier)

"The venue and knowledge of the lecturer was great."

D. Padayachee, Multichoice   (Lecturer: Renier)

"A pleasure as always. Renier was very knowledgeable and very helpful in addressing my specific requirements."

A. Beukman, Tracker Connect   (Lecturer: Renier)

"I found the course interesting & stimulating & would recommend it to others."

L. Lamb, Mercantile Bank   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"I really loved the course. Made me realize that the fundamentals are very important and I'm happy that I'm taking a lot learned from this course back with me and apply at work in future job functions."

T. Letlhakwane, Mercantile Bank   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"As always, a pleasure to train at Incus Data. I hope to return."

D. Rogers, Mercantile Bank   (Lecturer: Renier)

"Thank you Renier, well presented. Looking forward to applying what I have learnt in the course, in my everyday duties."

S. Ehmke, MediSwitch   (Lecturer: Renier)

"Well presented and lecturer very helpful and knowledgeable"

M. Phetlo, Telkom SA   (Lecturer: Renier)

"Awesome Experience"

J. Kelly, ABSA   (Lecturer: Renier)

"Best environment for courses provided"

B. Mokoena, Destiny Electronic Commerce   (Lecturer: Renier)

"I really learnt a lot, from now on it will depend on me to practise further my skills that I acquired and hope that I am going to improve my performance on my work. Good job by Renier, keep it up."

J. Mohlabeng, DTI   (Lecturer: Renier)

"On the whole course well-presented and the learning environment is quite pleasant. Useful course and will be able to apply new knowledge in my day-to-day work."

S. Hokonya, Destiny Electronic Commerce   (Lecturer: Renier)

"Thank you very much for an excellent course. Renier - one day I will be as clever as you!! Thank you, you were excellent."

I. Lotter, Xstrata   (Lecturer: Renier)

"Presentation of the course was excellent."

A. Ras, ABSA   (Lecturer: Renier)

"Mr van Wyk is a very good presenter and he has time for each of his delegates. He explains very well."

R Joseph, Unisa   (Lecturer: Renier)

"I enjoyed the course very much. It was great to learn all the extra tad bits of information we received that one would not necessarily receive if attending this type of course anywhere else."

N. Spies, Momentum   (Lecturer: Renier)

"Great course & lecturer"

F. de Lange, Bytes Healthcare Solutions   (Lecturer: Renier)

"Great course - very informative"

M. Odendaal, Bytes Healthcare Solutions   (Lecturer: Renier)

"Great lecture, love the free software and hands on approach"

M. Le Roux, Momentum   (Lecturer: Renier)

"I learnt so much from this course and feel that I got my money's worth. Thank you for this great opportunity."

P. Boshoff, Centric Net Solutions   (Lecturer: Renier)

"This was the most structured, knowledgable and well presented course I have ever been on. Well done Jacqui and thank you for your patience."

Y. Loots, Symplexity   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"Very impressed with the course and the venue, in particular. Ideal venue to come to learn - quiet and particularly peaceful and beautiful surrounds. Thanks. Hope to be back in the near future."

D. Rogers, Mercantile Bank   (Lecturer: Renier)

"Facilitator was extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter :-)"

S. Govender, Telkom   (Lecturer: Renier)

"Excellent, covered all topics and extra stuff we were interested in. Topics were clearly explained above and beyond the requirements of the course."

E. de Villiers, Discovery   (Lecturer: Renier)

"The course was well constructed and helpful. Being able to attend virtually made it a lot easier to work through the examples and focus without stressing about logistics of travel / commute / time etc. It also allowed me to use my personal setup at home which improved my productivity."

S. Sanders, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles - Virtual course)

"Great Course, Fantastic Lecturer."

I. Halkerd, DBSA   (Lecturer: Charles - Virtual course)

"The combination of a knowledgable and energetic facilitator coupled with course material that was perfectly balanced between theory + practical made it the perfect course to attend, thus achieving my objectives."

M. Patez, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

Price: R7,900.00 excluding VAT per delegate.

This price includes everything that you need:

  • All course material, provided in an electronic format.
  • An attendance certificate after the course, in PDF format.
  • A voucher to re-attend the course for a minimal fee within 6 months.
  • A voucher for a free competency exam within 6 months.

All you have to bring to the course is the desire to learn.

To support the economy during the pandemic, we have not increased prices in 2021.

Duration: 3 days. Courses are presented from 08:30 to 16:30.
Location: Due to COVID-19, all courses will be presented virtually.
Read more about the Incus Data Virtual Classroom
Date: Please check the course schedule for the next date.
You can also contact us at tel: (+27) 12-666-2020 or cell/WhatsApp: (+27) 76-694-7705, or email us at info@incusdata.com to find out about dates that suit you.

How do I book?

It's easy to book: just email us at info@incusdata.com.

You can also fill in our course enrolment form (editable PDF file) and email it to info@incusdata.com. (Type in the information, and your PDF reader won't save it, just print it to PDF. Then email the completed form to us.

After we have received your booking, we will confirm that you are booked, and we'll send you an invoice.