One-Day Technology Seminars

5 reasons to book a seminar

  • It won't impact your development schedule.
  • It won't break your budget.
  • It will stimulate your creativity by exposing you to new ideas, which stimulates creativity.
  • It will empower you to make better decisions.
  • It will build your team when you mix senior and junior developers and managers.

Incus Data technology seminars

Ethics for Software Developers
In today's world, almost everything that we do relies on software. Software that is unethically designed, badly written or poorly tested has serious consequences. Your team must understand the importance of ethics, and good coding standards.
JEE Overview
Java Enterprise Edition is a set of technologies designed for large, complex systems. The seminar will show you how the technologies fit together, so that you can understand their use.
Web Services Overview
A web service is a software program that is available over the internet for another system to use. Web services use a set of international standards to communicate between different systems. This overview will show you how to use web services with success in your organisation.