Technical and Programming Courses

3 Reasons to Choose an Incus Data Programming Course

The most important element of any course is the lecturer. That's why you want to attend your programming course at Incus Data.

  • You want to learn from someone who can answer your questions.
    We've been training programmers for 30 years. We spend a lot of time researching technologies and developing our courses. We don't give courses about subjects we don't know.
  • You want someone who will motivate and inspire you to learn more.
    At Incus Data, our lecturers choose which courses they want to give, based on what they enjoy.
  • You want to enjoy learning.
    We choose to teach. We like sharing our knowledge. We don't guarantee that it will be easy, but we do guarantee that we'll make it interesting.

Choose the Right Course

There are so many programming languages, and so many technologies! Which is the right course for you? That depends on what you already know, and what you want to be able to do.

I want to write queries that extract data from our system.
Attend the SQL Fundamentals Course. Learn to find the data you need by creating basic and advanced data queries. It doesn't matter which database management system your company uses.
I need to understand more about Linux.
The Linux Fundamentals Course is a great choice for programmers and system administrators.
I need to write Linux or Unix shell scripts.
Bash, sed, awk — find out about these and more on the Linux Shell Scripting Course. Save hours by learning to write efficient shell scripts that automate your processes.
I am a data scientist and I need to analyse and interpret data.
Attend the Python Programming Course. Python is a popular and versatile programming language. It's a great choice for data scientists, but it's also good for web development and many other things.
I want to be a programmer.
Attend the Introduction to Programming Course. You will not be a programmer after 5 days, but you will have a solid foundation on you can build your skills.
I need to maintain Perl scripts or do serious text processing.
Attend the Perl Programming Course. Although Perl is not as popular as it used to be, it is still a good tool for many programming tasks.
I need to manage an IT project.
Attend our Project Management for IT Course. Learn practical skills to make your project a success.

Good training will improve your skills and your productivity. It is an investment in your career. So take the time to contact us for advice or a free consultation.