C and C++ Programming Courses

3 Reasons to Attend an Incus Data C / C++ Programming Course

The best place to learn C and C++ in South Africa is at Incus Data!

  • You want to learn from someone who can answer your questions. We've been teaching C and C++ to programmers and engineers since 1996. The C Programming course was the first course Incus Data ever presented. (Not sure? Read a few of Renier's articles on incusdata.site.)
  • You want to learn from someone who is passionate about the subject. At Incus Data, our lecturers choose which courses they want to give, based on what they enjoy.
  • You want to learn from someone who enjoys teaching. We choose to teach. We get a kick out of sharing our knowledge. That's why we like delegates who want to learn and ask questions.

Why You Need to Learn C

If you are writing embedded software, you already know that you need better C and C++ skills.

But C is not just for engineers. Why do you think C is still #2 in the Tiobe index of programming languages? Because there are many good reasons to learn C.

  • You will master other programming languages faster. Almost all modern programming languages and libraries are built with C/C++.
  • You will learn how to improve the performance of your code.
  • You will develop a better understanding of how programs execute. This will help you understand computer architecture, compilers, operating systems and networks.

And here is one more reason: writing C will teach you good coding discipline.

List of Incus Data C and C++ Programming Courses

Here's the complete list of C and C++ training that we offer:

And if you need customised C/C++ training, we can help you with that as well.