Advanced C# Programming  Course

This course will take you to the next level as a C# programmer. You will learn more advanced features of the C# programming language and the .NET framework, including threads, collections, web services, XML and security.

"Best course I've ever been on ...EVER!!!"

N. Crouse, Senwes   (Lecturer: Renier)

"I am really happy with the course, it has answered most of the questions I always had."

O. Leburu, Altech Netstar   (Lecturer: Renier)

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Audience: Is This The Right Course For Me?

You should attend the Advanced C# Programming course if:

  • You are a C# programmer and you want to learn about the advanced aspects of the C# language.
  • You are a C# programmer and you want to learn to write better C# code.

Prerequisites: Am I Ready For The Course?

Before you attend the Advanced C# Programming course:

  • You must have attended our C# Programming course or already be comfortable with the fundamentals of the C# programming language.
  • You should have at least 6 months practical experience programming in C#.

Please check that you meet the prerequisites for this course before you attend. Read the importance of course prerequisites to understand why this is necessary.

If you are not sure which is the right course for you, please call us. We will be happy to advise you, based on your training goals and your experience.

Objectives: What Will I Learn?

After you have completed the Advanced C# Programming course, you will be able to:

  • Understand advanced C# language features.
  • Apply advanced object-oriented principles in your C# code.
  • Apply file access and serialization concepts.
  • Develop multi-threaded applications in C#.
  • Use ADO.NET to develop database applications.
  • Understand .NET interoperability services and security.

Download the Advanced C# Programming course contents in PDF format

Technical Contents: What Does The Course Cover?

  • Review of the .NET platform and the C# language.
  • Portability issues.
Object-Oriented Programming
  • Class hierarchies.
  • Partial classes.
  • Cross-language inheritance.
  • Abstract classes.
  • Sealed classes.
  • Overriding System.Object Methods.
  • Reference types.
  • Casting & conversions.
  • Constructors.
  • Interfaces.
Collections, Structs and Enums
  • .NET Collections.
  • Ordered vs. unordered collections.
  • Object-based classes.
  • Generic collections.
  • Using Structs.
  • Using Enums.
Operator Overloading
  • Overloading mathematical, comparison, conversion operators.
  • Overloading ToString.
  • Overloading GetHashCode.
Reflection and Attributes
  • Intrinsic attributes.
  • Custom attributes.
  • Reflection concepts.
  • Extracting type information.
  • Using reflection at runtime.
File Access and Serialization
  • Manipulating files and directories.
  • Readers and writers.
  • Serialization I/O concepts.
  • Stream objects.
  • Object serialization.
Multithreading in .NET
  • Creating threads.
  • Thread management.
  • Thread synchronization.
  • Thread interoperability.
  • The Thread and ThreadPool classes.
Delegates and Events
  • Callbacks & delegates.
  • Single-cast vs. multi-cast delegates.
  • Delegate types.
  • Usynchronous vs. asynchronous delegates.
  • Custom events.
  • The ADO.NET object model.
  • Connected vs. disconnected access.
  • Connection pooling.
  • Stored procedures.
  • Transactions.
  • Binding data to controls.
  • LINQ and SQL.
.NET Interoperability Services
  • Interactions between managed and unmanaged code.
  • Marshalling data.
  • PInvoke.
  • Callable wrappers.
  • Interop marshalling.
  • Security concepts.
  • Role-Based security.
  • Code Access security.
  • Security policy.
  • XML schemas.
  • XmlReaders and XmlWriters.
  • XmlDocuments.
  • LINQ and XML.

Testimonials: What Other Delegates Say About This Course

"The course was very informative and interesting. The level of depth was very detailed and holistic"

L. Damons, Finteq   (Lecturer: Renier)

"I definitely recommend this course"

E. Nel, Finteq   (Lecturer: Renier)

"Renier's knowledge of Microsoft technologies has helped me understand the fundamentals of C# in such depth that understanding the advanced concepts becomes as easy as Math.PI."

D. Khumalo, Finteq   (Lecturer: Renier)

"Well presented course in great environment."

J. Erlank, Paycorp   (Lecturer: Renier)

"Fantastic! Incredible"

J. Meerholz, Denel Dynamics   (Lecturer: Renier)

"I still have a lot to go back on and absorb. The quality of presentation and the knowledge of the lecturer are unsurpassed. I was pleased that I persevered to get on the course."

B. Pantland, ABSA   (Lecturer: Renier)

"Best course I've ever been on ...EVER!!!"

N. Crouse, Senwes   (Lecturer: Renier)

"I am really happy with the course, it has answered most of the questions I always had."

O. Leburu, Altech Netstar   (Lecturer: Renier)

Price: R10,500.00 excluding VAT per delegate.

This price includes everything that you need:

  • All course material, provided in an electronic format.
  • An attendance certificate after the course, in PDF format.
  • A voucher to re-attend the course for a minimal fee within 6 months.

All you have to bring to the course is the desire to learn.

To support the economy during the pandemic, we have not increased prices in 2021.

Duration: 5 days. Courses are presented from 08:30 to 16:30.
Location: Due to COVID-19, all courses will be presented virtually.
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Date: Please check the course schedule for the next date.
You can also contact us at tel: (+27) 12-666-2020 or cell/WhatsApp: (+27) 76-694-7705, or email us at to find out about dates that suit you.

How do I book?

It's easy to book: just email us at

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