Meet the Incus Data Family

Exceptional services require exceptional staff: people who care about meeting your needs and ensuring you have the best possible training experience.

Exceptional training requires exceptional lecturers: people who have in-depth knowledge, practical experience and the ability to convey that knowledge with enthusiasm. Remember how much difference a great teacher made to your understanding and enjoyment of a subject at school? We know that a great lecturer is the most important component of a course.

Unlike most training companies, all our lecturers are full-time staff: people with a vested interest in the quality of the training we offer.

Renier van Wyk

Renier van Wyk
Director: Managing (The Boss)

Renier is the founder and Managing Director of Incus Data. He has been programming in C since the early 1980s, and teaching it since 1988. His extensive programming experience includes C/C++, the .NET Framework, Perl, Pascal, Forth, Assembler, Modula 2 and Oracle. He has developed systems ranging from business and financial systems to computer-aided manufacturing and embedded systems.

Renier is our senior techno-geek - many delegates will have heard him describe C as poetry. When he isn't developing or presenting courses, he spends his free time ... on the computer.

Jacqui Coosner

Jacqui Coosner
Director: Operations (The Other Boss)

Jacqui is responsible for all things business-related. After practicing law for a number of years, Jacqui moved into the IT world and discovered a particular fondness for XML.

In addition to developing and presenting the XML, SQL and web development courses, Jacqui has taken on diverse projects as project and programme manager over the past 15 years. Most recently she has focused on developing our Coding Ethics seminar.

She has a passion for cats, chocolates and pole fitness, but a definite shortage of free time.

Lewis Coosner

Lewis Coosner
Director: Training

An electrical engineer by profession, Lewis has been involved in software development since the 1980s. He has programmed in C, C++, Fortran, Assembler, Pascal, Java and Visual Basic, and has extensive experience in the development of systems in the military and engineering environment.

Lewis is primarily responsible for developing and presenting the Java and OO-related courses, and was one of the first two Java lecturers in the country to be certified by Sun Microsystems.

In his free time, Lewis cycles, kayaks, hikes, caves, climbs and generally exhausts himself.

Charles Diedericks

Charles Diedericks

Charles started his professional life in stage and production management, but discovered that bits and bytes were more interesting. He started programming with PHP in 2007, and his experience since then includes C#, Visual Basic, ASP.NET, Javascript, SQL Server, the .NET Framework and MS Office.

Charles is primarily responsible for presenting the web development courses.

As our other techno-geek, Charles spends his free time gaming, playing with software and listening to strange music.

Jo-Ann Erasmus

Jo-Ann Erasmus
Sales Manager

Jo-Ann is our highly-efficient, highly-motivated and super-cheerful Sales Manager. She'll go out of her way to help you with your enquiries. As she will be the first to admit, Jo-Ann is not shy and soft-spoken. But we enjoy that, because she is such a cheerful person. You'll often hear her laughter ringing through the offices.

Jo-Ann first started working for Incus Data almost 10 years ago. She left us for a while to have more time for her children, coming back to help out on an ad hoc basis over the years. We were delighted when she decided she was ready for a full-time job (outside of home - we all know mothers already have a full-time job!) and joined us again at the end of 2016.

Jo-Ann Erasmus

Braam Malherbe
Sales Consultant

Braam is an experienced sales consultant, who has recently joined our team. He is a firm believer in the importance of building good relationships, and the need to provide real solutions to clients. When you speak to Braam, you know that he is really listening to you.

Braam has already demonstrated his willingness to go the extra mile. No job is too big or too small when it's about building the Incus experience.