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Is the absence of an answer actually the answer?

Most of us in IT are working long hours. There are always more fires to put out, and less time to prevent the fires from starting in the first place.

But we all know that sometimes we must spend time on what is important, even if it isn’t urgent.

Which is why I’m so very disappointed.

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Thief climbing out of a laptop

The invisible thief

If you live in South Africa, there’s a good chance you have been a victim of theft.

We know the thief is the person in the wrong. But that doesn’t mean we do nothing. We recognise the risk, and we take precautions. We lock our doors. We install burglar bars or an alarm system. Our cars have tracking devices.

Our personal information is the cyber-equivalent of our possessions. And, like our cars and our TVs, it can be stolen. We need to recognise the risk and take precautions.

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