Sign with the words "Wrong Way"

Two things we get wrong

A few days ago, ITWeb published an article about a program for software graduates. This upskilling programme will give seven interns a chance to work with senior developers over nine months.

It’s a great idea. But it highlights two problems in the South African IT industry. Both problems are favourite topics of mine, so I’m going to indulge in a little ranting this week.

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The benefits of a (REAL) classroom

One of the delegates on a recent SQL course made this comment on her course evaluation form:

Having tried numerous online courses, this is the first time I understood SQL and was able to write queries. 😊 Thank you”

This is not the first time this year we’ve had a comment along these lines. The past few years have seen an increase in the use of online learning. Some of our clients have no budget for classroom-based training. Instead they have bought packages from organisations like Udemy, and their employees have only e-learning as an option.

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Oops! Mistake.

It’s Not Actually a Bug

Programmers need to be trained. Just because they can do something, doesn’t mean they can’t do it better.

If you don’t know how something works, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. It just means you don’t know how it works.

In the 17th century, Alexander Pope famously said: “A little learning is a dangerous thing.”

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