What's next?

Virtual training and our next “new reality”

There is no comfort zone in our current Covid-centric reality.

We know life is uncertain, but we used to believe we could plan for the future. The pandemic proved us wrong.

That lack of certainty about the future has kept us off-balance. We all had to find ways to deal with the uncertainty. Some of us hoped that it would end soon and everything would go back to normal.

But it didn’t end soon and life hasn’t gone back to normal. Now that vaccinations are (almost) a reality, everyone is wondering:

“What will life post-Covid look like?”

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Jumble of scrabble tiles

Jargon, buzzwords and (fake) acronyms

Every industry has its own jargon. Jargon is terminology understood by people in a certain group – and often meaningless to anyone outside the group.

I think the IT industry is way ahead of other industries when it comes to jargon, buzzwords and weird acronyms. Perhaps that’s because IT changes faster than other industries. After all, when last did your accountant need a new term for double-entry accounting?

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There is nothing permanent except change

Change and change and change again

In 2017, the Saturday Night Live show produced a hilarious advert for a fake device called Alexa Silver. It’s a version of the Amazon Echo, intended for the elderly.

I only saw the video recently, but it was funny enough to watch a few times. My parents, aged 88 and 93, live with us. So I understand only too well why a device like this — if it existed — could be a huge hit. (I have read an article that suggests Amazon Echo Alexa can really help seniors with dementia.)

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Illustration of a man and a woman at separate computer screens and a big heart between them

Programmers and Romance?

It’s that time of year again. I haven’t been to a shopping mall, but I did see chocolate hearts at the local Woolworths shop. So I’m sure heart decorations are out on display for Valentine’s Day everywhere.

In the good old days of classroom training, we would give each delegate a Valentine’s chocolate. This year I thought it would be nice to write something that combined romance and programming.

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man falling down shiny blue tunnel

Beware of rabbit holes!

You might have heard the expression “to go down the rabbit hole”.

It comes from the novel “Alice in Wonderland” written by Lewis Carroll in the 19th century. Alice falls down a rabbit hole, has quite a long trip, and lands in a strange place called Wonderland.

A rabbit hole can be a metaphor for something that transports you into a wonderful (or peculiar) place. But what we usually mean, is that we got extremely distracted. When we “go down the rabbit hole,” it means we spend a lot more time than we planned on something.

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