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(We are calling / tweeting / online-chatting and nagging Telkom repeatedly in the hope of getting this fixed quickly.)

How Incus Data Can Help You

  • Courses

    We offer a wide range of courses that focus on the languages and technologies programmers need today. Have a look at our course list.
  • Training Package

    Good training is the best investment you can make in your people. Better skills = more productivity. And if that isn't enough reason, we have a range of training packages that will keep you smiling all the way to the bank.
  • Peace of Mind

    Are you a training manager? A project manager? A programmer? We understand your concerns about training and we want you to have peace of mind when you choose Incus Data as your training provider.
  • Prerequisites

    Are you ready for your planned training? Each course has its own requirements. Please make sure that you read up on the importance of prerequisites.
  • Schedule

    Check the latest course schedule to help you plan your training program.
  • Course Road Maps

    Do not know which is the right course for you? Have a look at our training paths to work out your training plan. And if you are still not sure, please contact us for advice.

What Delegates Say About Incus Data Courses

  • Advanced C# Programming

    I definitely recommend this course

    - E. Nel, Finteq

  • Enterprise JavaBeans 3 Development

    Great atmosphere, knowledgeable lecturers, topical content and beautiful venue. The perfect combination!

    - L. Terblance, Airvantage

  • JEE Technology Overview

    Probably one of the best courses I've been on. Concise and informative

    - T. Beyers, FNB

  • Object Oriented Analysis & Design

    I'm really taking a lot back to the workplace. Thanks Lewis.

    - S. Siricoth, Regent Insurance